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Digital Dance-Theatre


by Dance Studies University of Surrey, with C8

Flatland is a practice-based and artistic research project devised by C8 and the University of Surrey. Our investigation stemmed from the visualisation of movement dimensionality. In other words, the project dealt with the way graphic media project visually the multiple dimensions of a moving human body. Following on the analytical approach to movement studies developed by Rudolf Laban and Jules-Etienne Marey, we explored mediated bodily-movement perspectives from the standpoint of what a 'technological eye' or camera lens can see when a body moves in front of it. Mixed media movement representation using generative video and interactive technology (using a Kinect camera) were used to combine 1D, 2D, 3D and even 4D movement visualisation. Video treatment such as stop motion and slit scan were also employed to develop automated or self-generative models of choreographic analysis and movement visualisation. 

Direction: Nicolas Salazar Sutil
Choreography and dance: Sarah Rogers and Angelina Jandolo
Interactive software design and sound: Max Worgan
Generative video: Sebastian Melo
Lighting: Aaron Walker
Sound engineer: George Jarvis
Production manager: Dave Hockham