Digital Dance Interactive Technology


by Dance Studies, Computer Science and C8

iWeave is a collaborative research project in the field of digital archiving involving the novel use of 3D data capture and interactive technology. The project involved the digitalisation of material objects (i.e. four original costumes from the Madge Atkinson dance collection dating back to the 1920s ), and immaterial objects (i.e. four reconstructions of Atkinson's original dances based on photographic footage).

Computer animated versions of the dresses and dances were developed as part of a Kinect interface, where users could try on the historical costumes virtually, as well as interact with the choreographic re-constructions. The research focused on the relationship between dress and embodiment by highlighting the possibilities for 3D capture and interactive technology to facilitate more dynamic ways of archiving and displaying fragile historical items. This technology helped us imagine and visualise the very different movement characteristics and bodily identities that might have been carried within these costumes and within the history of the costumes' materiality, whilst making these accessible and engaging to a general public without danger of item degradation.

iWeave Research Team
Principal investigator: Rachel Fensham
Co-investigator: John Collomosse
Researchers: Quizi Yu and Nicolas Salazar-Sutil
Dancers: Melina Scialom and Bernardette Lemon
Video documentation: Sebastian Melo
Sound Design: Milton Merkimides
Archivist: Sharon Maxwell